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We offer software development services and IT consultancy to SME.

We also provide product development, application maintenance, and support.

Our solutions leverage on web services and internet technology that are strategically designed to help you efficiently manage company business practices from simple marketing of products and services to back office operations. You can take advantage of our web-based solution to streamline and seamlessly integrate your operations such as human capital management, accounting, inventory control, trading and client support, helping enhance efficiency on your operations. Business data collected can be transformed into business intelligence that enables you to monitor, evaluate, and analyze performance. You can then formulate marketing and sales strategies to drive business growth and gain competitive advantage.

All our solutions are customizable to adapt your company’s varying and changing needs. These solutions are also designed to be scalable to handle business in achieving growth of any SMEs.

Software Development

PALTECH provides outsourced product development, application maintenance, and support.

We use Agile project management with test driven approach during software development.

We believe that the lifeblood of this industry lies on the uninterrupted stream of communication with our clients. Hence, we make sure that our clients are also involved in every phase of a project to ensure we deliver solutions based on your requirements, incorporate your feedbacks, and to ensure that your ideas and insights are made into virtual reality. Talk to us and we will carefully evaluate your requirements to create a solution that best address the needs of your company. We will propose solutions with an architectural plan and build prototype to help you visualize and test-drive the possibilities and potential of the new systems.

System Architect

We use multi-tier application development approach in our software development to leverage on our web services. In addition, there have been increased varieties of tools and options for building and implementing a system. Software architect is specifically created to help you reduce the complexity of the design, and let you understand the design factors in developing your system so that it can be scalable, robust, secure, fast, and easy to maintain.

With the understanding of the system environment and the knowledge of the interaction with other application within your organization, our software architect will evaluate and recommend a standard method for application development. This includes choosing suitable application framework, and identifying potential reuse and dependencies among components during the design phase.

Quality Assurance

PALTECH uses Agile methodology which will work closely with your company. Our team will gather feedback within a short period of time and implement test strategies to test various aspects of the system in close collaboration with the end users. Other testing tools are used to achieve completeness, consistency, and efficiency of QA process.

The following tasks are handled by experienced and professional QA team:

Developing the scope and direction of testing since every system has different features.

Starting the process with Exploratory Testing where new test scenarios and defects are discovered while using and learning the software.

Verifying functionality of test in an extensive test lab and test environments.

Creating test plans and test cases in various formats through simple or complex test.

Web Content Development/Design

PALTECH aims to add value to your business by making sure you give the best impression to your clients. Thus, we give you pool of professionals who will take charge of researching, organizing, writing, and editing the information for publication on your web sites.

We offer all your web designing needs such as web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. We understand that your company needs to have a continuous flow of communication with your clients. Thus, we will make your website highly interactive and user-friendly.

With simple, strategically and uniquely designed website, you are assured to gain and retain clients!

E-commerce Development/Design

To give your clients a one-of-a kind virtual shopping experience, we made sure to deliver beautifully designed web pages that are highly interactive and easy to use. With secure and easy to manage multiple payment methods, shipping methods, promotional discounts, and other business transactions, your clients would have a seamless experience navigating your website.

Moreover, our pool of expert designers meticulously studies your brand, product and industry to help us create best solutions that perfectly matches your desired outcome. With our e-commerce design, you are assured of increased number of visitors, high awareness of your brand, and ultimately, maximum profit.

Open Positions

We are always on the lookout for self-driven, creative and goal-oriented individuals to join our team.

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To apply for an exciting opportunity, please send your resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) to recruitment@pal.net.vn.

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